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Sense, immerse and revitalize your mind, body and soul in luxury of your own room, with our signature therapies. Our trained therapists, premium products and the unique therapeutic qualities of natural immersion work in concert to give you a transcending sensory experience.

Gifts of spa therapies

  • There’s more to visiting a spa than just relaxation. From softer skin to better health, the benefits of spending time at a health spa are well known. Better yet, unlike a trip to the doctor’s office, visiting a spa is an enjoyable way to improve your health. With a serene atmosphere and beautiful surroundings, spending an afternoon at the spa is certainly a stress-relief activity.

  • Therapeutic massage treatments allow your body to rest and relax while restoring your muscles to their utmost health. Enjoy relief and looser, more flexible muscles as your body is massaged into perfect condition. The more you can relax during the day, the better you’ll sleep at night. Massages and other spa treatments can push you into the ultimate state of relaxation and help you fall asleep faster at night.

  • It is even better when you are surrounded by the luxuries of nature while your mind and body is at ease. Indulge yourself in the peacefulness and purity by the spa treatments offered by the glenrock and feel the difference.

the glenrock provides therapies in suite/cabana. Here are some reviews about the therapies provided by our therapist Pradeep