Welcome to Glenrock
Sense, immerse and revitalize your mind, body and soul in luxury of your own room, with our signature therapies. Our trained therapists, premium products and the unique therapeutic qualities of natural immersion work in concert to give you a transcending sensory experience.


Therapy for all your senses

  • Traditional local relaxation massage by our experienced therapist
    Physical therapy on tired, stressed and stiff muscles

  • Watch the river create natural patterns while cascading through the rocks below your eyes while on therapy
    Visual therapy on themind through the eyes

  • Hear the meditational sounds of the river, the birds and the surrounding nature while on therapy
    Audible therapy on the mind through the earsand feel the difference.

    It is not just a massage on your body,
    It is a complete body & soul healing package
    It is wellness tourism at its best at the glenrock