Welcome to where Nature meets Luxury

the glenrock is a luxury hideaway boutique nature hotel, located roughly three and half hours from Colombo, in a mountainous village, close to the sleepy little town Belihuloya. Hidden on the banks of the cascading rocky river Belihuloya in a small basin called Ulugala Thenna (Tile Rock Plains) and nestled among the World's End/Horton Plains Mountain Range**, Adam's Peak Mountain and the Rabbit Rock ( Ha Gala), the glenrock provides the guest a naturally relaxing holiday experience.

Unwind yourself amidst simple pleasures of life that money cannot buy; fresh air, natural spring water, breathtaking views of mountains, rocky river, terrace farming, bird and butterfly watching and mouth watering farm fresh dishes made by the chef with international experience. Choose your style, modern luxury suites with single/double Jacuzzi's or luxury eco cabanas with shower or eco cottage with double Jacuzzi and private riverside garden.

the glenrock  gets its name for being on the glen of a beautiful rocky river that flows down from the world famous nature reserve Horton Plains

Maximizing the experience  

The founder of the hotel who is a Sri Lankan born Canadian Citizen, an Attorney at Law by profession with vast life experience around the world,  wanted to keep the human added features to a minimum with a view to not obstructing or distracting the guest's eye so that she/he absorbs the maximum of architectural expressions the nature has bestowed on this beautiful mountainous village.  Building the hotel therefore was done by keeping things nice and simple by  putting in place simple but beautiful infrastructure , containing the urge to impress with decorative architectural expressions to give the eye the freedom to get it full from around. The ground level skilled tradespersons were extensively engaged  in construction decision making to maximize the nature experience from within the room. Also, the villagers' local knowledge and skills have always been used in environmental decision making enabling the hotel to let the guest experience the beauty of the authentic nature over the beauty of the arranged nature.

Nature meeting luxury

The location provides a superb blend of natural beauties in one basket such as breathtaking mountain views, flora , fauna, water, farms, village setting etc, for the guest to experience. the glenrock by providing luxuries inside the suite/cabana and with the classy restaurant makes sure coarseness associated with the nature gives no negative impact on the natural luxuries the guest is showered at this nature hideaway.

Inside the hotel and the village

River based activities , Natural pool on the river, natural fish therapy on the river, natural water therapy on the river ,stone walk foot therapy, inside room spa therapies , walk in the vicinity of the hotel, two free village tours( falls and ancient cave temple tours). While all these are free of charge except spa therapies and mountain hikes, we find most of the guests take time sometimes days indulging themselves in such natural luxuries only the the glenrock can offer.
Please see activities/excursion pages of the website for more details.
Also, with free village tours provided by the hotel, many nature and river based activities (village walks, village (Rabbit Rock) mountain hike,fish therapy, natural pool, therapy etc.) and also the views of river or mountains creating an ideal environment to just sit, relax and rejuvenate from the outer deck of the own room, most guests stay 3-5 days at the glenrock engaged in inside hotel/village activities and excursions, while others express that they wish if they had more days at the glenrock.

Getting the best out of your stay

the glenrock is a top rated eco luxury boutique hotel located roughly three and half hour (depending on traffic) to the most popular nature attr actions in the beautiful hill country of Sri Lanka. For example , Horton Plains and the World's End( 66 km), Adam’s Peak (87km – Normal route, 57km – Shortcut route) and Ella (76 km) Also, Scenic train ride, Udawalawa National Park elephant safari(71km), Lipton Seat viewing point with Tea Factory tour(48km). Since these attractions are only a day or half day tours from the hotel, most guests use our hotel as the base of their hill country part of the tour.

Getting the best value for your money

Some guests make their euro or dollar work more for them by not keeping a dedicated car/van service with them. Instead they use local third party transport providers from the local community ( upon request the hotel connects them to the guest) with a very reasonable fixed rate for most popular tours or very low per km rate for other trips. Also, they may pick you from your previous hotel and/or drop you off at the next hotel or airport too.(Subject to availability)
Since the guest does not have to pay for a dedicated vehicle that is always waiting for them , they have the freedom and the flexibility to change their plans as they wish. This freedom is to the liking of most of the guests as they not only save money, but also get to save time to enjoy so much the hotel and the village have on offer for them.

Healing power

Beyond the splendour of nature, the glenrock provides a platform where the guest can experience the enormous power the nature possess to heal the body through the soul. Breathtaking views, meditational sounds of river and streams, sights and sounds of birds and some other wildlife provide natural therapy to the mind , while spa treatments, dipping your feet in river or pond for fish therapy ,taking a dip in the natural pool on the river, a walk on specially created stone path for stimulating therapy for heels, a walk in the village to the ancient cave temple would add a greater healing experience rejuvenating the body and soul.

Internet and Mobile Connectivity

While free WIFI facilities are available, ONLY MOBITEL mobile coverage is available. Depending on your country's mobile service provider, you may be able to use mobile roaming. Otherwise, please use Sri Lankan MOBITEL SIM , if you need uninterrupted mobile connectivity at our hotel premises.. 2

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